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The shine of dragon is the support project to embody children’s hope.

As part of creating the company's ideal world, AVENGE WORLD, this project supports children to realize their hopes for building a future society.

Marine Children Club



Marine Foundation


AVENGE Aoto Tachibana


Marine Children Club(MCC) × Marine Foundation × AVENGE Aoto Tachibana


​MCC is a support group of the Mrine foundation where children send their thoughts for their own children. As part of that activity, MCC has a project to donate soccer wear using Japan's cutting-edge technology to the children of a soccer club team living in The Gambia, Africa.

Together with AVENGE's official character, Aoto Tachibana, who has the mission of "shining the light that is the essence of human beings," we will carry out a project to spread the thoughts and activities of MCC and spin the thoughts of children.


​In order to free people from the controlled world, we will gather partners who can share correct knowledge and free ideas, and play an active part in virtual space with the purpose of embodying people's hopes with love energy.


He is a decisive leader.

He loves to have fun and is curious.


He has a blue dragon as a guardian dragon.

He is a dragon warrior who fights against the forces of darkness by making full use of the blue dragon sword and Kurikara sword.


Thoughts of MCC children

If children are connected all over the world, even if they grow up, they will not hurt their dear friends. I don't even want to rob my friends of anything.

The important thing is to imagine what we can do together and what we need to do to coexist in the future and take action. Cross borders and build a family-like relationship that protects only one planet.


As one of the efforts to put such hope into action, we are working to give soccer wear to children in Gambia in Africa.


With free will

Build a loving relationship

Have a well-off lifestyle


This is a project to create such an ideal world.



Support MCC children and connect their hopes

We recruit the shine of dragon to support the hopes of Aoto Tachibana and MCC ($ 5)

And with this support money, we will send "Katsumori" to the children of MCC, which has energy to win all things!

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